In laboratory tests on blood samples from volunteers.

The scientists describe development of prototype paper test strips with antibodies to the antigens on the red blood cells to determine the blood-impregnated. In laboratory tests on blood samples from volunteers, the scientists showed that a drop of blood onto the strip placed a color change, caused the blood type specified. The results were as accurate as conventional blood typing. The paper diagnostics manufacturing cost to promote a few pennies per test and health in developing countries, the report finds.

The group also showed that rapamycin, an existing drug known that these cells to stimulate the survival, as autophagy, B. Cenocepacia infection control helped in mice for cystic fibrosis. Model for cystic fibrosis.Those who provided for workers as an engagement into proactive practices and recover slightly of faults Been actually happier and more productive in its actual work, the researchers found.

The two-year information from the LITHE study showed that patients received ACTEMRA consistent maintaining high disease activity response rates according DAS28 criteria, disease activity in RA patients attaches , the study also showed a greater proportion of patient treated with ACTEMRA were plus methotrexate, blind, the progression of structural joint destruction during 24 months of of the treatment compared with patients on placebo plus methotrexate. Earnings after has been found when measured X-ray evidence for the progression of of bone destruction and constriction of the together areas, like modified of the Genant – Sharp score .

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