In New York City.

– ‘We encourage drug users to receive treatment,’said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas R. Frieden. ‘Get in a treatment program directly or calling 311 and calling LIFENET is a first step. Very strong very strong and very small amounts have the same effects as large quantities of other drugs ‘.. In New York City, these deaths are not isolated to a particular community or neighborhood. Deaths in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and occurred.

DOHMH has issued a number of health alerts for doctors to ensure that they are the symptoms and treatment for fentanyl – related overdose and remind them that all cases to the health department must be notified.HIV+ children Abandoned newborn babies HIV-positive Men to RussiaBBC News on Thursday investigated how children born in order HIV-positive women in Russia who be abandoned. About 20 kids daily in HIV-positive women in the country, one of fastest growing HIV / AIDS epidemics of the world was of birth, and will be as two of all 20 thereof abandoned by their mothers in order will be cared for through state, by the BBC News. Lot of of the deserted children end up in public hospital for infectious minimum 18 months, the amount of time need for doctors in the country about official determine a kid HIV status. While antiretroviral drugs nut mother – to – child transmission of HIV is available to many women do not about the treatment, BBC News reports Me HIV-positive children who have been left many times at hospitals as orphanages often used to they oppose.

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