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The genetically modified plants significantly reduced the toxicity of TNT – contaminated soil. ‘This is is the first report to show that transgenic plants for phytoremediation of organic pollutants developed the functional and genetic diversity of the bacterial community in acutely polluted soil to increase compared to wild type plants, ‘the report said. ‘Our findings have important implications not only for the use of genetically modified plants for TNT remediation, but for cleaning up other sources of contamination as well.

Lavigne, University of South Carolina Columbia, South CarolinaTriCoder against real Star Trek devicesSo drop by the store tonight and buy the latest model of Star Trek TriCoder – type device – a handheld device to scan foreign environments – and use it to your house to check air for indoor air pollutants as far-fetched as the idea might be, these devices closer to reality. Are typing, according to an article , ACS weekly newsmagazine – the article states that C & EN Senior Correspondent Marc Reisch, are scientific instrument maker at the center of efforts traditional to their to expand markets; easy to use instruments like mass spectrometers and infrared photometer from the lab and into the hands of the average consumer.10 percent income groups. VAT increase drops the number of smokers.

Prof. Said: Vathesatogkit, Executive Secretary of Action on Smoking and Health Foundation welcomed government policies order to increase tobacco tax. He believes the tax increase will be advantage smoker in Thailand. This virtue of the fact that will be higher cigarette prices prices in people moved less or exit full, perform mainly in the lower income groups.

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