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In the study, 139 patients were randomized to receive either RLAI 25-50mg intramuscular injection or placebo injections received adjunctive therapy to standard treatment. Patients who were RLAI plus standard of care treatment entitled to participate double-blind phase of the study, 4 percent of predefined criteria the last four weeks the last four weeks of the 16-week open-label stabilization phase is.

Patientstudy suggests Risperidone long – acting injection with standard treatment Combines helped delay relapse in patients with bipolar disorder – defined the primary efficacy endpoint in the double-blind phase of the study, the time from randomization was to relapse, where relapse as the was the first occurrence of of a mood episode by an independent Relapse monitoring Board .Surgical treatment of vertebral body fractures is usually by peace, painkillers, bracing, and muscle relaxants. VP and BCC two minimally invasive techniques of introducing a of inserting a bone cement into the uncompressed swirl and stabilize the fracture.

Spinal fractures, mostly due to osteoporosis is, from acute or chronic back pains, disability, and kyphotic connected. Five wives five women with spinal fracture for receive a more within a year, this can lead to a ‘cascade of ‘for fractures. Vertebral fractures impact greatly for quality of life and may cause serious health outcomes how spinal deformity, immobility, decreased lung function controlled and impaired gait. Clinical Spinal fractures are also associated with 8 – fold increase mortality rate..

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