Investments of more than 400 million U.

Dollars since 2001 have contributed to the discovery of new applications, such as screening tests, therapeutic tools to accelerate in human health or the environment, new methods in agriculture and forestry. The funds is investing by G? Nome Qu? Bec come from Minist Re you D? Conomique, de l’Innovation et de l’ exportation of Qu? the Government of Canada for G? Nome Canada and of private partners. To find out more about G nome Qu bec and genomics;.. ? ABOUT G NOME QU BECG nome Qu bec is a private non-profit organization whose goal is to Qu bec innovation system in genomics by financing major genome research to enhance initiatives? investments of more than 400 million U.S.

‘? We are proud of this announcement, which once again confirms the scientific excellence and talent Qu bec scientist, ‘said Paul L’ Archev que, president and CEO by G nome Qu bec? ‘These results, the direct result of studies of G be financed? Nome Qu? clearly show the strategic role of genomics in the search for solutions to improve human health. Congratulations to the McGill University and G? nome Qu? bec Innovation Centre team, and. Particularly Alexandre Montpetit who trained a group of CNRS on genotyping data analysis on the Illumina platform and forestry..Prison physicians be satisfied in that the government has undertaken to browse the some of the measures that BMA called for the past years The BMA particularly welcomes obligation of drug rehab programs to check and introduce measures to stop the flow illicit drugs into prisons originate At present six out of ten be enter prison with a drug dependence problem in that being. Direct cause of their of criminal behavior There is vital that means any form of drug dependency prison being treated so as to safety of the population is not jeopardized..

Annotated a written declaration Secretary of State on legal announced that measures aimed at reducing British high criminal threat of a repeat, Clare Jenkins, Chairman aim on Civil and Public Service the BMA Committee of, said:.

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