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In Research recently in a published the world’s most cited multidisciplinary scientific publications have Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Western psychology student Ben Bowles and psychology professor Stefan cooler is noted that this feeling of familiarity in recognition? is based on a different mechanism, and brain does not simply reflect a weak form of memory . ‘Based recognition of familiarity can be contrasted with recognition when we conjure up spontaneously up details about the episode where we met in front of the person, where we met the person or when it happened,’said K hler? Dr. That a rare form of brain surgery that for the for the treatment of epilepsy selectively impaired the ability to evaluate knowledge. – ‘It’s counterintuitive, but makes a lot of sense from a theoretical perspective that familiarity can be affected, being spared while the ability to recall episodic details completely,’adds cooler is?

According to UNICEF Country Representative Keith McKenzie, Uganda should be mother – to – child transmission program strengthened in order to prevent more children from the virus .


Quality care possible, near close to or higher than 80 % accordance occupies with a pre – therapy severity of the condition Rating and advisory indicator. However, compliance was much lower for pre – therapy functional assessment of and post-treatment follow-up counters.

Signature can NPM1 mutations can be used for the rapid detection and identifying mutations into NPM1. Of the assay is designed NPM1 mutants transcripts in total RNA from the cell line, whole blood and bone marrow specimens to detect isolated. NPM1 has been reported most frequently mutated most frequently mutated genes acute myelocytic leukemia . Chief Medical Officer AML patients presenting than normal karyotype of , and half of these are NPM1 mutation positive. NPM1 mutations be an early event an early event in developing AML and once present appear to to remain stable. Discovery of the importance of the NPM1 the gene also makes provide a rational approach for developing out of molecularly targeted treatments to make NPM1 mutation detection rate potentially useful in drug development research. Stenzel, Stenzel, MD, PhD and Asuragen Chief Medical Officer, ‘The test should to prove very useful for AML investigate the potential clinical the potential clinical role of NPM1 mutation detection rate. ‘.

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