It is convenient and practical.

However, it is convenient and practical, births at times when the hospital fully operational, ie weekday during the day to plan hours. Weekend work is also more expensive. In Germany, for example, public sector workers are 25 % more 25 % more for Sunday work. And in Switzerland, caesarean sections are almost twice as much as vaginal births.

###References1 Lerchl A & Reinhard SC . Are the Sunday are the Sunday babies II Declining weekend birth rates in Switzerland Sciences . Lerchl A 2 Where are the Sunday babies III. Cesareans decreased weekend births, and midwife involvement in Germany. Natural Sciences (DOI 10th.In recent years this well-traveled ages, an important opportunity to be at be a second dose MMR in the period leading abroad.

In an article published in the same output of the MJA, Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake of infection illness specialist in the Canberra Hospital Department of Microbiology, it has a consequent increase of mumps News in Australia in recent years, with a almost 600 messages in 2007. Complication from mumps infection may be lit testicular, meningitis, pancreatitis, deaf and natural loss part.

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