It is less effective in women than in men.

Aspirin therapy offers equal heart-protection to both women and men Prior studies have suggested that whenever it comes to using aspirin as a preventative for heart attacks, it is less effective in women than in men viagra pas cher . Nevertheless, according to a fresh study the obvious lower efficacy in ladies is not due to a failure of aspirin to lessen platelet clumping or aggregation, as was thought. Business lead researcher Diane M. Becker M.P.H., Sc.D., a professor at the Johns Hopkins University College of Bloomberg and Medication School of Public Health, says women are clearly benefiting from taking aspirin and should continue steadily to take it to improve their cardiovascular health. Dr. Becker says aspirin offers shown by all previous studies to lower the chance of stroke and, as their latest findings show, in addition, it reduces platelet aggregation that may lead to fatal clots in blood vessels potentially.


All rights reserved.. Asset transfers that could allow elderly to qualify for Medicaid rare Most nursing home citizens are unlikely to have sold off possessions below market value to be eligible for long-term care insurance coverage from Medicaid, on Thursday according to a Government Accountability Office statement released, CongressDaily reports. Due to concerns that the practice could be widespread, Congress in 2006 exceeded a provision in the budget reconciliation laws to expand from 3 years to five years the ‘look back’ period where seniors who transfer their assets at significantly less than market value are ineligible for Medicaid.

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