It is not uncommon to have for cancer patients from country South Australia.

– the last thing you want to do, if you have cancer, drive 6 hours for chemotherapy, and then drive six hours back home improving access to chemotherapy and other cancer treatment in rural and regional South Australia can only facilitate. Receiving country cancer patients to care much closer to home, that’s a great thing. Providing better tele-health connections between country general hospitals and regional and metropolitan cancer centers is also welcome – This should be co coordination of care for rural patients and provide for softer patient journeys However this technology should extends, – better provision of the support for more field hospitals across the state in the provision of cancer treatment..

Do I know you? Recognize identify QBI researchers woman battle for New FacesA young woman – who is by every other measure healthy and intelligent but struggles to recognize new faces – has presented Queensland Brain Institute scientists with fascinating new insights into learning and memory.Baker said, cell growth evidence suggests which PDGFR signaling acts an important role in the childhood CommC. The PDGFRA gene carries instructions on production of a protein to the cell surface partial part a path that of the control of cell growth, proliferation and survival is present. These processes are in cancer in cancer.. Twelve % of tumors in this study had supplementary copies of the gene PDGFRA. The researchers reported similar Gen – expression patterns of endorsed of high PDGFRA in childhood tumors of were find without additional copies of the gene. Additional copies of PDGFRA were even more often in tumor by children who are brain cranial irradiation to the the treatment of cancers was.

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