It opens a window on other potential applications of co-stimulatory blockade

The scientists expect the new findings to influence the design of future clinical tests of co-stimulatory blockade technique and they said, it opens a window on other potential applications of co-stimulatory blockade. Kidney transplants . For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis to be treated and is tested in mismatched kidney transplants.

Davies analyzed frozen blood samples from five patients and donors taken at various time intervals after transplantation. The analysis showed that in the first three months , the level of Tregs in patients rapidly at very high levels, which helped explain why the patients experienced only mild graft – vs – host symptoms. The Tregs, they confirmed , were generated from the donated T-cells – not remnants of the recipient immune system. We found it was something about co-stimulatory blockade, expansion of Tregs Davies said Davies said, adding that investigate other studies that question.

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