J to mandatory HIV testing for couples before marriage Saudi Arabia demand from next year.

J to mandatory HIV testing for couples before marriage Saudi Arabia demand from next year, plans call for couples who marry to HIV will be on show, said Khaled al-Zahrani, the Ministry of assistants Secretary of State Health for Preventive Medicine at Wednesday, AFP / Yahoo! News reports. The to test in both HIV and hepatitis in more than 20 centers across the country will receive, claim al-Zahrani. If either partner tests HIV positive and the couple still wants to marry, the case in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice will be considered, said al-Zahrani. Were more than 11,000 HIV / AIDS cases in the country between 1984, when the first case was recorded, and the end of 2005 reported by a Health Ministry official (AFP / Yahoo News..

In the U.S. Ndian Generic Drug Companies, HIV / AIDS Advocacy Group File opposition to patent of antiretroviral valganciclovir Roche – Opposition Indian generic pharmaceutical company Cipla and Matrix Laboratories and the HIV / AIDS advocacy group Delhi Network of Positive People, or DNP+, recently filed against an Indian patent office ‘s decision, a patent helps to antiretroviral valganciclovir Roche to prevent blindness in people with HIV, TopNews reports to give.Interested parties can comments about this definitive arrangements to the 22nd To submit May 2006 Comments Add may be to be submitted electronic by the Federal eRulemaking Directory. Md. 20852 All comments must be identified by Docket No.:. 2006N 0106 The order in which prohibition will take effect the 20th June 2006, unless the with FDA revoke the job, it modifies and expanded the Comments are requested. Enter nurse authority shall chart orders current regulations on chemists transmitting for submitting.

Resistant strains of type A influenza A This is of particular significance when avian influenza H5N1 , had been identified in other countries, in the USA.. In AMDUCA and implementation thereof to with FDA a motion issue to prohibit certain extra – labels use with animals, if these extra – Manufacturer usage poses a risk public health. FDA has considered all available information and concluded that the extra – label Add use of anti – influenza adamantan and neuraminidase inhibitors in chickens, ducks and an threat to public healthcare. FDA can add different species are on the Prohibited List as the new data became available. That the extra – There have been no reported cases of H5N1 avian influenza in the USA well as with FDA being no aware that it current extra – Labelseach using this antivirals in the U.S.

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