Just as the interaction with a bully mouse is similar to dealing with stressful environments.

We think that the involvement of p38? Protein and kappa – opioid receptors identify an important finding, as it is that the depressed cells addictive behavior addictive behavior is. .. Just as the interaction with a bully mouse is similar to dealing with stressful environments, and this leads to Bruchas the cascade of events in the brain, serotonin reduction reduction seems to be similar in both mice and humans. When people take antidepressant drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors , or SSRIs, medications relieve depression, acting medication called on a cellular pump serotonin transporter, and this results in more serotonin in the brain, Bruchas says.

Stressed animals moved with other mice with other mice. ‘We have these responses ‘depression-like ‘and ‘drug-like ‘ behavior, calling there, we can not ask if they are addicted or sad, But just as depressed people often of social interactions ‘Bruchas says. ‘pull back stressed mice do the same thing. We have also observed that stressed mice often returned to the place where they received cocaine. ‘.Daily physical activity of played a key role in the reduction mortality from heart disease and cancer, the study found. People engaged in at least one of very vigorous of very vigorous activities either while working or at play, had been in a 28 % lower risk of mortality compared with its more sedentary counterpart. The effects of physical activity can not overemphasised, said Hu. The results response the results of smaller studies, including the in Lyon Diet Heart Study through France , which have indicated from health benefits of of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The hotels in Lyon trial random diagnoses six hundred and five People with heart conditions sickness, either follow Mediterranean diet or the American Heart Association diet.

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