Launch launch measles vaccine campaignThe Kenya Ministry of Public Health on Saturday a $ 1.

‘places of worship ‘Mugo said.. Launch launch measles vaccine campaignThe Kenya Ministry of Public Health on Saturday a $ 1,000 measles vaccination campaign targeting ‘1.3 million children who were not vaccinated against the disease since July 2006, ‘Start Business Daily Africa reports. ‘Measles has become a major public issue in the country and in northern Kenya refugee camps in all, ‘the ways in which government has been ‘unable to screen refugees flooding into the country through porous northern Kenya border,’the news service writes (Mukumu, – the integrated vaccine initiative, the government is increasing interest in health for a week and for a week and also provide vitamin a supplements to children under five years in the country and ‘an oral polio vaccine to 113,286 children in Turkana district ‘Business Daily Africa writes vaccination teams schools, homes and visit.

The campaign is supported by a partnership between the wHO , 18 Kenya Red Cross and other have.

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