Led by Douglas L.

Deputy director of the NCRR. ‘These awards spur the kind of scientific discoveries. For the development of treatments for a wide range of diseases ‘.. Led by Douglas L. Rothman, professor of diagnostic radiology and biomedical engineering, the MR system is a shared resource for multiple investigators who are funded by the National Institutes of Health. ‘The new 7T system provide Yale scientists with the capability of imaging biochemical and functional activity of the brain and limbs in unprecedented spatial resolution,’said Rothman.

.7-Teslands $ 2 million Magnetic Resonance System At YaleYale one $ 2,000 high-end instrumentation receive grant from the National Center for Research Resources to finance the purchase of a 7-Tesla human magnetic resonance , facilitate ultra – high resolution studies of diabetes, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, and learning disorders.The STAR study, a 10-week , multicenter, double-blind, fixed-dose, placebo – controlled study, 333 institutional patients randomized SEROQUEL at 200mg/day, SEROQUEL receive 100mg / day or placebo. Main efficacy parameters were the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale – excitement ComponentSource and clinician ‘ Global Impression of Change scales. These efficacy measures Intent to intent-to – treat and per protocol population having to the last observation carried forward and Observed Case .

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