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On FDA approval of XENAZINE for the treatment of chorea with Huntington’s diseasethe hereditary disease foundation is very pleased the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Xenazine or tetrabenazine for the treatment of chorea associated with Huntington disease. Chorea is a major cause of disability and death in patients with Huntington’s chorea is not just an inconvenience, it can Huntington’s disease patients to prevent walking, work, television and almost every aspect of life, we are thrilled. That the approval of Xenazine, patients and families the opportunity to take developed the only drug specifically for the treatment of the movements of Huntington’s disease must, said Nancy Wexler, Professor Higgins of Neuropsychology in the departments of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University and President of the Foundation inherited disorder.

– The quarterly survey of all tests conducted at the end of June 2008, it additional additional 7100 over 6 weeks for 13 weeks and 1900 waiter waiters in tests not captured in the 15 included in the monthly return. This is a decrease of about 5,600 waiting 6 weeks and 13 weeks in 1000 waits since the March 2008 census.The effects of of migration from developing countries to developed countries is a key component in a crisis, says the paper, and it invokes of countries like Britain , which dependence on external dependence on foreign doctors and nurses. Parts of Africa governments cry to the paper ‘s recommendations operates at a conference of Commonwealth Minister of Health at Geneva this Sunday. Lord James Johnson, chairman of the BMA said: The failure of countries like the USA, and lesser extent the United Kingdom in order enough Doctors & Dentists to train their disastrous consequences for to developing countries had gives In Ghana it only 1,500 Doctors & Dentists at a.

– actions to to capabilities about discharge into account to take into account human rights, and should be not avoid nursing staff dial of the work abroad, on if they. Borman Borman, chairman of the BMA International Committee of, says: ‘Sub-Saharan Africa needs least another million healthcare workers at, but in many countries the numbers actually downward Currently wealthier countries be not just to prevent a complete disaster. The UK taken said guide in developing a ethical recruitment, it any developed countries need tighten up where this is for to be become a successful the initiative ‘.

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