Listening to pep talks and not practicing is not going to benefit you much.

What you want to do is certainly to remember that time in your daily life or an incident in your daily life when you have felt completely confident of yourself. Let that motivate you. Remember the real way you held the body, the real way you talked, held your mind and breathed. Additionally, you can think of someone you idolize for his self-confidence. For example, Sari of uROk can be an inspirational force for many. Imagine stepping into her shoes and boots and her body. How will you now behave? Replicate that person’s expressions, body language and gestures. Consider, ‘what if the emotions that you were right now experiencing had been extreme confidence’? As soon as you visualize it, you will find yourself changing your posture subconsciously, gestures and attitude.Also, of course, keep tuned in directly into where Alex Jones is leading the popular revolt against the TSA. Reaching over 24 million listeners a full month, his radio show is among the top three in the nation probably, and he doesn’t restrain. From time to time, I occasionally serve as a fill-in sponsor for Alex when he’s traveling, so I’m very acquainted with his operation there and how hard his entire team works to bring you freedom-oriented news six times a week. Nobody enjoys Alex’s boisterous method of delivering details, but I think it’s entirely appropriate given how far our government offers descended down the road of tyranny and corruption.

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