Lower your LDL level is the main goal for women and men www.tadaciprx.com.

lower your LDL level is the main goal for women and men, but there is also evidence that HDL and triglycerides are important for women heart health than men’s, Parrish said. So it is important that women components that make up components that make up total cholesterol and, the optimal values for their numbers are optimal to know . www.tadaciprx.com

LDL as the . Bad cholesterol, make deposits on the inside of the vessels plaques known Elevated levels of LDL increase the risk of heart disease and stroke An optimal level of LDL is less than 100, HDL is called good cholesterol because a high HDL levels decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease for women is an HDL less than 50 as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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