Many believe that the Atkins diet is all about lard.

Many believe that the Atkins diet is all about lard, bacon and steak. In fact, says his Atkins diet is more about getting your protein sources from the right place and your carbs from slow-release products such as vegetables, some fruits and whole grains.

Atkins Nutritionals Inc. Placing ads on the back of Newsweek . The ads promote the new Atkins Lifestyle Food Guide Pyramid.Other diet rivals such as the South Beach diet have been biting at the heels Atkins for top position in the low-carb diet, the U.S. And many parts of the world by storm.Results are published in the current issue of Nature follows that released relatives but 2 another high-impact product to gene family in Nature and Cell by the same workgroup over the past year.

Researchers BRIC, University of Copenhagen have gene family of gene family considerably for embryonic development. That family controls expression of genes significantly contribute significantly on stem cell maintenance and differentiate, and the results can to. Understand the emergence of cancer.

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