MHS expand Catasys OnTrak program to Medicare Advantage users in Wisconsin Catasys.

We remain committed to expanding our network, creating worth through our services, and continuing partnerships with health care providers to improve the health of their members. The OnTrak system is designed to improve patient health insurance and also lower the expenses to the insurer for underserved populations where behavioral health issues are exacerbating co-existing medical ailments. OnTrak has demonstrated effectiveness with a 50 percent decrease in health plan healthcare cost of members enrolled in the program as well as decreases in hospital times, ambulance usage, emergency room visits, and even more through identification, engagement and treatment..The CDC’s statement says scientists at the Roybal campus biosafety level 3 labs were planning Bacillus anthracis – – the bacteria that triggers anthrax infection – – for analysis in a different laboratory. They did not use the appropriate protocol to inactivate the bacteria, which is essential for safe transfer. The samples were moved and found in three CDC Roybal campus laboratories then. Between June 6 and June 13 The transfer is thought to have occurred. The possible publicity was discovered when researchers gathered plates for disposal and uncovered these were populated with live bacteria. Employees, believing the samples were inactivated, were not wearing adequate personal defensive apparatus while handling the materials, the company explained in the declaration.

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