Much more after the recent outbreaks of diseases such as swine flu.

There were significant breakthroughs in research and development of vaccines some of the some of the major diseases, as a result of play future role future role of vaccines for disease outbreaks still a very important role, much more after the recent outbreaks of diseases such as swine flu. This , interest in the development of new generation of vaccines has renewed. , Novartis pharmaceutical companies increased spending on research and development of next-generation vaccines to cure the most common diseases and hope to millions and the opportunity to diversify their product portfolio towards other parts of the world where there is a greater need – for his vaccinations.

‘.. Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and their collaborators found that fine-tuning of a gene PGC-1 PGC-1, in human DNA in human DNA, delayed in the intestinal stem cells of fruit flies the aging of their intestine and extends their life by up to 50 %. ‘Fruit flies and humans have much more in the common than most people think,’says Leanne Jones, an associate professor in the Salk Laboratory of Genetics and a lead scientist on the project.Study co reports soccer injuries in teenagers A new study by by researchers of the Centre for Injury Research and Policy the Research Institute at Nationwide Hospital for Children performed Used that an estimated 5.25 million Soccer Infringement for children and adolescents six to seventeen years described in U.S. In U.S. Emergency room zwischen 1990 and 2007. The annual number of football violations by 27 per cent during the 18 – year study period jumping from 274,094 in 1990 to 346,772 in 2007.

‘We have found that nearly 2,000 children and youth football injuries were treated everyday at the emergency room during the football season,’said Lara McKenzie, study co-author and lead investigator of said the Center for Injury Research and policy to Nationwide Children Hospital. ‘We need do do a better job preventing football injuries among our young athletes. ‘.

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