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Over time the site aims to create an interactive, online portal that may permit every ongoing wellness center to tell its own story, in its own voice. The RCHN Community Health Foundation is focused on assisting and advancing community wellness centers nationally, said Julio Bellber, cEO and president of the RCHN Community Health Base. Through CHroniCles, we are able to create a digital quilt where health centers can share their remarkable stories with a broad and diverse audience. Since the nation’s first wellness centers opened in Mound Bayou, Boston and Mississippi, Massachusetts in 1965, the city health center program has grown to more than 1, 250 centers serving more than 20 million people in every state and territory, stated Thomas van Coverden, cEO and president of the National Association of Community Wellness Centers.National Journal: CONCENTRATE ON Abortion INCLUDES Peril Right away of the 112th Congress, Home Republican leadership has managed to get a priority to fulfill anti-abortion groupings and eradicate any potential federal government support for abortions. The 1st committee hearings on the many anti-abortion expenses begin today, but the concern that pleases their public conservative base takes a delicate stability with the independent voters who place Republicans into the bulk and desire them to stay centered on the overall economy . The Hill: Dem Senators Guarantee To Block Home Abortion Legislation With Home Republicans hosting two hearings on abortion legislation this week, two junior Democratic senators are promising to block initiatives to place new limitations on the practice.

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