NAU senior Hertha Woody grew up on the Navajo Nation in Shiprock.

NAU senior Hertha Woody grew up on the Navajo Nation in Shiprock, NM Before Stearns ‘ research group, Woody said she was not very aware of heavy metal contamination of soil and water from a large uranium tailing pile near her hometown. But now she wonders about the ongoing health problems of her uncle, who uranium mine uranium mine in Shiprock. And she worries about others people of the area. ‘My parents still live there and drink the water,’she noted.

There is another Navajo word that Woody shares. It is hozho, harmony, balance and beauty concerns. Woody explained that the yellow monster disrupts hozho and that uranium should be remain in the ground in order to ensure balance. In fact, in early 2005 signed Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. To Din? Natural Resources Protection Act, which bans uranium mining and processing on the Navajo Nation.An accompanying editorial right, and points out the 06th immunoglobulin has been used for. Plurality inflammatory disorders and disorders immune system to deal with neurological diseases including some It may higher doses would be more effective, he suggests.

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