Nearly a year after the earthquake in Haiti.

Water and sanitary conditions were already defeated in retreat in retreat, with only about one-fifth of the people, basic sanitation basic sanitation by 2006, 29 % fewer than in 1990, according to the agency, ‘the news service writes. The report also said that after the quake, two million Haitian children against diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio were immunized.. Nearly a year after the earthquake in Haiti, 000 children are still living in tent camps and from the effects from the effects the disaster, according to a report by UNICEF, published on Thursday, reports My Sinchew.

On Saturday, the State Department fact sheets released on U.S. Aid to Haiti on various topics such as health, cholera and food security .’the results the results last year, but significant gaps remain and can be done , ‘, ‘Francoise Gruloos – Ackermans, UNICEF representative in Haiti, ‘Haiti with major institutional and systemic issues that preceded the earthquake, and the more need ‘to solve than an emergency, she said. According Gruloos – Ackermans, four million children in Haiti still unequal access to water, sanitation, health care and protection from disease (07 in a press release outlines UNICEF ‘s plans for the future in Haiti (06.2 The standards of and advice on how to use used on standards, information by. Professionals research combines design work health reasons, the six major factor on to work-related stress:-, requirements, management, support, relations.. Of occupational illness work-related stress work-related stress is.

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