New Interactive Forum today by HSE.

New Interactive Forum today by HSE, UKToday opens the Health and Safety Executive, the doors to a brand new, online ‘ Pledge Forum ‘ about workplace health and safety.In the context of the introduction of Be part of the solution – the strategy to improve the health and safety of Great Britain – a health and safety created pledge.the promise is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and other publicly their commitment to ensuring that their activities do not, in death or injury, their employees customers or members of the public cause.

Kevin Myers, Deputy Chief Executive, HSE said today. HSE has been running a number of specialized online communities very successfully for some this new community, the Pledge Forum, is a particularly exciting prospect We hope that in time Forum is a place where exchanged best practice in health when an idea If an idea about the people safer and healthier. Lives lives – is a good one, and it may be replicated in other companies can everything we can to help spread this idea Pledge Forum is accurate. To do that, and I urge you to pay a visit today and sign the Health and Safety Pledge, if you have not already done so. .Technology that explorer use the stomach to of oxygen supply the Ailing averaging Assist.

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