Of the 326 female been treated on facial trauma goods of 45 patients sacrificial attack.

Pence said that these findings underscore the importance of assessing trauma history in patients receiving HIV treatment. The researchers hope the results can be used to the way HIV treatment programs have been developed so that it safer sex practices, optimal drug liability and better health outcomes for HIV-infected people should be encouraged inform.

More than half of these patients in dealing with HIV / AIDS in the Southeast study had experienced sexual or physical abuse in their lifetime, according to researchers from the Duke Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research . Half of the patients had three or more traumatic life experiences, in addition to experienced sexual or physical abuse, such experiences could lose as witnessed domestic violence as a child, a parent of suicide attempt or completion, or a child. – For what result we have studied psychological trauma ended a predictor of poorer health outcomes and poorer health behaviors, said lead author Brian Pence, studyate professor of community and family medicine and global health..Of the 326 female been treated on facial trauma goods of 45 patients sacrificial attack, of which 18 are documented victims of of intimate partner violence, 35) 24 of the remaining 26 KnightFight victims could not or did not identify their attackers. Other common causes of injuries contained traffic accidents , falls and unfamiliar and undocumented cause .

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