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Wearing contaminated contact lenses could cause redness and irritation of the optical eyesight, leading to rare but potentially severe infections. ‘A lens with high antimicrobial activity may inhibit microbial adhesion and therefore reduce these-adverse events,’ Dr coauthors and Dutta write. Preliminary studies in animals have supported further development and research of contact lenses coated with melimine. The new results increase previous data on the safety of melimine-covered lenses in animals, and provide initial proof their safety and comfort and ease in humans.Broken finger. A typical fracture at the end of the small finger metacarpal is proven in this X-ray. The fragment is most flexed toward the palm as observed in this X-ray always. Most typically this fracture is usually the effect of a closed fist impressive an object. This frequently is called a boxer`s fracture. Treatment of this fracture is conservative casting. Don`t become alarmed by the angulation of the bone. It is only cosmetic usually, and hand function should be normal after the bone heals.

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