S Scientific Sessions 2012 in LA.

Rossano et al, The Burden of Heart Failing Related Hospitalizations in Kids with Single Ventricle Disease in the United States –Immunosuppression for Kids with Heart Transplants May Avoid Calcineurin Inhibitors – While calcineurin inhibitors have been the cornerstone of immunosuppression in heart transplant sufferers, CNIs are toxic to the kidneys and so are not effective for cardiac allograft vasculopathy. Joseph Rossano, M.D., director of the center transplant system at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, led a single-center retrospective review to evaluate the efficacy and side-effect profile of sirolimus used with or without an antimetabolite in the lack of calcineurin inhibitors.Illinois startup Catylix has found a way to incorporate fluorine under mild reaction conditions. Using Dr. Hartwig’s technology, Catylix has developed reagents containing fluorine-containing or fluorine substituents allowing researchers to purchase the specific building blocks required. Unique to the technology is the ability to perform chemistries at or near space temperature. ‘More than 25 percent of compounds in pharmaceutical pipelines contain fluorine, and trifluoromethyl is an important segment of these. David Rozzell.

Choosing one with considerable orthodontic experience is essential.

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