Sainsbury Basics Carrots: 50p for 1kg.

NotesThe WCRF review found it was possible five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables for 42p from: Tesco Red UK cabbage: 64p for 650g, per portion;serving size; Sainsbury Basics Carrots: 50p for 1kg, which is equal to 4p per portion; Sainsbury Basics tomatoes. 72p for 450g equivalent to 13p per portion; Asda Bananas: 7p per portion; Asda Smartprice Apples: 10p per serving The portion sizes are approximate and rounded to the nearest cent. All prices of which was on 12 Accessed April 2011.

The review of fruit and vegetable prices established by World Cancer Research Fund , that even if the people to limit choice to fresh produce, it is still possible to buy five portions for only 42p.Posters# P 3-087: Central Nervous System concomitant disease or simultaneously drug use among a Medicare OD population of .

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