Schaffir also said the data does not support a recommendation in sexual activity.

Schaffir also said the data does not support a recommendation in sexual activity, either.Of the 93 women enrolled, 47 or 50.5 %, had sex in the last weeks of her pregnancy – more than any other similar study has shown.The women were those with low-risk single pregnancies enrolled at their doctor’s office visit after the 37th Week of pregnancy. At this and subsequent routine visits, patients were asked whether they intercourse in the previous week and hired if so, how many times. Cervical examinations were performed at each visit to assess whether the sexual activity ripening effect on the cervix.

Schaffir found no relationship between the frequency of intercourse and the score assigned the cervix. The cervix. That the lack of change on the cervix among sexually active women, combined with the lack of difference in delivery between the two groups suggests that sexual intercourse has no effect on inducing labor, Schaffir said.Virology churches of the programs Providing HIV Testing order to Residents Take part Eleven Baltimore churches on Tuesday provided for HIV testing to local residents as a part a greater effort the JACQUES Initiative, a program from the University of Maryland School of Medicine Institute of Human Virology, The Baltimore Sun reported. To JACQUES initiative of launch SHALEM project in partnership with the Maryland AIDS manage and plurality of local religious and charitable organizations, for the Sun. Spencer Spencer, managing director the JACQUES Initiative, said: The ultimate aim is to church, mosques and synagogues at a safe place where people are able obtained HIV support of We have do not would in the people to come into of our academic centers in.

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