Similar systems exist.

Similar systems exist, but Talking Points is the first known to use Bluetooth, provide both sighted and visually impaired people make it work well with voice commands and integrate community – generated content on a website.

Allow a website Talking Points beacon owners tags tags would. They could update their messages regularly. Once a beacon is added, other community members could add their comments to the point of interest. Pedestrians using the system could then decide whether to get these comments. – ‘This project provides a type of augmented reality,’said Hilden, one of the students who present the research at Ubicomp. ‘It shows how we can take user-generated information from the Internet and put it over reality to help people make sense where they are in their environment and what the possibilities are around them. ‘.Dreams of the Team announces new evidence on AnimalDreams.

But research to date lacked concrete indications in that the episodic memory – times of, Places and feelings with regard to event from which our lives tales – strengthened in the cortex, which the hippocampus or both during sleep.

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