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Lepore adds that, for the very first time, they possess demonstrated the feasibility of using measurements of these abnormalities in the brain of preterm newborns as potential indicators of risk for upcoming cognitive and behavioral problems. The capability to identify structural signals of neurodevelopmental disease soon after birth in premature infants could allow for early interventions, raising the child's sociable and learning behaviors as they age, said Lepore.. Changes in the brain may explain premature infants’ higher threat of neurodevelopmental disorders Disturbances in the first stages of brain development, such as for example preterm birth – when many of the brain's structures possess not yet completely developed – seems to affect the mind's neuro-circuitry, which might explain premature babies' higher threat of neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and ADHD spectrum disorder.Scores on a memory space test and the clinical criteria for slight cognitive impairment were studied as possible predictors for eventual advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. The team found that the clinical criteria for moderate cognitive impairment was better able to predict who was going to develop Alzheimer’s disease later on. ‘As the infant boomers age into the amount of risk for Alzheimer’s disease, we’re talking about a significant number of individuals who could become cognitively impaired in the forseeable future,’ says Dr.

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