She theorizes that anxious people could be a deficit in its threat analysis have skills – necessary for effective decision making and fear regulation – leading to an under – reaction to subtle threatening stimuli. Non – anxious individuals seem to have a subconscious early warning system so that they can prepare for evolving threats. Essentially, anxious people are surprised by fear stimuli that non-anxious individuals have already subconsciously noticed, analyzed and evaluated..

In the first part of their study the researchers measured behavioral responses to fear-inducing stimuli. A set of images , with a person progressively anxious was on a scale of 1-100 , as shown to the participants. When shown the sequence of images anxious people anxiety to respond to the anxiety in the face of the subject. They identified a face as anxiety in a rating of only 32, while not describe non – anxious people, has the same face as fear, rating rating of 39.During the study, 187 patients with rupture of underwent try to repair the Harborview Medical Center. 30 – mortality ratios were calculated and compare having chi-square and Fisher exact test where appropriate, continuous variables compared to with a Mann-Whitney U test. Before implementation of the algorithm total of 131 patients were managed with rupture of and treated. Hundred and and 28 is surgical treatment and 30-day mortality was 58 % of. Sixty-five % these patients were hypotensive at the presentation.

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