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Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic prevents long-term damage from TBI in pre-clinical studies A class of Alzheimer’s disease medicines currently studied in clinical trials seems to reduce damage caused by traumatic brain injury in animals, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center report within an upcoming advance online publication of Nature Medication. They say the results suggest that this course of drugs could potentially take action no other medication has been able to do- – avoid the long-term and continuing damage that frequently follows a significant injury to the mind.When the team measured the layers of silt in the samples, they were in a position to determine which years the spot received little rainfall, predicated on the quantity of minerals that were washed in to the atoll each rainy period. The theory that drought was the generating factor behind the fall of the Mayans has gained support recently, partly because of similar evidence found in the stalactites of a cave in southern Belize, but these new findings appear to confirm that the drought was not limited to the area where in fact the cave was located. From the 3rd to 7th hundred years A.D., the Mayans made a advanced civilization in the Yucatan peninsula highly, building the familiar pyramids and developing a knowledge of astronomy that continue to astounds researchers to the full day.

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