The abstract.

The abstract, significant reduction of bone marrow toxicity for patients with locally advanced NSCLC with concurrent chemotherapy and proton therapy , respectively, compared to intensity modulated radiation therapy , was presented on Friday, November.

To try to alleviate this side effect, findings suggest that doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center 142 patients with locally advanced non – small cell lung cancer. Of these 75 patients received chemotherapy plus a type of targeted photon radiation called intensity modulated radiation therapy . The remaining 67 patients received chemotherapy and proton beam therapy. Proton beam therapy is a type of external radiation therapy that uses protons rather than photons to kill fast-growing cancer cells. Because proton therapy, we can control the radiation differently than other types of external beam radiation therapy, we keep keep radiation of critical structures such as the bones, bone marrow were to avoid toxicity , Ritsuko Komaki, an oncologist said on MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.FORTIS-M was a randomized, placebo-controlled, 720 – patients trial with talactoferrin monotherapy in patients to stage IIIB / IV NSCLC. Patients two or more two or more prior systemic anti-cancer treatments on a random basis at random to for either oral talactoferrin or placebo also to the obtain standard supportive service. The study has been designed to identify improve the overall survival in patients talactoferrin arm, and the results are expected in 2011.

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