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Elderly patients with a type of heart failure receive little or no benefit from drugsPeople over 80 years of suffering from a certain type of heart failure do not seem most commonly prescribed most commonly prescribed medicines for the heart, according to a study conducted at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and published in the 15th March issue of the American Journal of Cardiology kamagra-oral-jelly.html . ‘The American people longer, often longer, often surviving with heart failure and other chronic diseases, but patients in this age group are from medical research from medical research Our review of 142 patient cases found that medications had little if a positive effect on five survival survival or rehospitalization for heart problems in older patients with heart failure, but an ejection fraction of 50 %, ‘said Cedars-Sinai heart Institute cardiologist Ernst R. Schwarz, senior author of the article.

Published in Naturee allows the movement of a paralyzed handA new Northwestern Medicine brain-machine technology delivers messages from the brain to the muscles directly – bypassing the spinal cord – to allow voluntary and complex motion a paralyzed hand. The device could eventually be tested for, and perhaps help paralyzed patients. ‘We are eavesdropping on the natural electrical signals from the brain to the arm and hand to tell how to move, and sends the signals directly to the muscles,’said Lee E. Edgar C. Stuntz Distinguished Professor in Neuroscience at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and principal investigator of the study, which was published in Nature. ‘This combination of the brain to the muscles could be used one day to help patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries lead activities of daily living and a greater independence. ‘.

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