The arsenic arsenic also dressed better in relapse rate and overall survival.

The arsenic arsenic also dressed better in relapse rate and overall survival, the researchers found. Out of 196 study participants who dose of dose of arsenic after initial standard treatment, only seven individuals – four % – within three years follow-up recidivism. We think people who received the arsenic trioxide after initial standard treatment are likely cured, Powell said. Standard treatment,e were no relapses in this group at 36 months. The use of arsenic earlier in treatment improves the cure rate and survival, and it does so with little or no additional toxicity. .

The results are exciting, Powell said. There is ‘s hope that with the addition of arsenic trioxide earlier in treatment, we may be able to eliminate some of the chemotherapy and reduce toxicities and costs. .Firstly, six months the WTC attack a high proportion of from New York City schoolchildren had probable psychic disturbance. Second, the severity of the exposure was to the 11th September, the probability by in one or more of the eight likely illnesses assessed related. Thirdly, that a variety of mental disorder had likely increased, in addition to PTSD. Fourthly, was to family exposure of are connected over the WTC attack that indicate a probable mental disorder even stronger than with a direct illumination.

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