The article in Nature.

The article in Nature, May 2004, 417-423 published.Is represented by a image on the cover of Nature and commentated by two scientists from the University of Washington, Seattle.Publication: Premature aging in mice, the defective mitochondrial DNA polymerase, Nature 429: 417-423,Authors: Trifunovic A, Wrede Mountain A, Falkenberg M, Spelbrink JN, Rovio AT, brother CE, Bohlooly Y – M, Oldfors A Wibom R rnell J, Jacobs HT, Larsson NG.Contact:?Simple test can help people in danger StrokeA new study shows that help a simple ultrasound can, people at high risk for a stroke, a condition called asymptomatic carotid stenosis, a narrowing of of the carotid artery in the found to identify the neck where few or no symptoms are present.

In an accompanying editorial In an accompanying editorial, Lars Marquardt, the DPhil Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany pointed out that the overall risk of stroke in people with asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis is relatively low and in recent years due to the better management of cholesterol and high blood pressure medicines declined. He also said, that the inclusion of screening for plaque and blood clots in people without symptoms can be difficult and costly.Promega Corporation time now offer which Maxwel 16 LEV Blood DNA Kit, developed for purify from full blood from whole blood. This new kit who work specifically for the 16 Maxwel instrument of not applicable the necessity of a buffy coat step of during provide an exponential higher concentrations more quickly parallel purity.

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