The authors state that their findings suggest a benchmark mortality of 40 to 45 %.

Niall Ferguson, director of clinical research, intensive care, ; Health Network, University of Toronto. ‘Our findings underscore the need for future effective therapeutic interventions for this highly lethal syndrome. ‘ – ‘of our systematic of our systematic review that the mortality from ARDS remained static at 44 % for observational studies and 36 % for randomized controlled trials since a standard definition[ ARDS] was introduced in 1994,’wrote Dr. Ferguson.. The study was published in the first issue in February of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.The authors reviewed all prospective observational studies and randomized controlled trials from 1984 to 2006 more than 50 ARDS / ALI patients and reported mortality included.In contrast to the suggested benchmark mortality rate of all ARDS and acute lung injury is 25-30 per cent of cases, the authors state that their findings suggest a benchmark mortality of 40 to 45 %.

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