The Avantis team has decades of experience in the medical device industry.

The Avantis team has decades of experience in the medical device industry, and focuses on the development of solutions to problems, hazards and discomfort of traditional technologies. The company has developed an extensive portfolio of patents for innovative devices on the convergent technologies of micro – chips and reinforced catheters. Missed Schindler, WR Location of adenomas by optical colonoscopy, Nugent, PA;; Mysliwiec, PA, Choi, JR[1] Pickhardt, PJ – – references. Annals of Internal Medicine 141 :352-360.

Avantis Medical Systems, a company founded for medical devices, to develop and manufacture catheter-based endoscopic devices. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company is initial focus on devices for use in the detection of precancerous lesions and other abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.Allow me to Backup and tell being is cardiac calcification of. The initial phases of the early stages of cardiac disease, the lining of your aorta wall, it plaque begins to to build up and the course of time beginning calcium deposits in the artery wall to form. These deposits are are calcification.

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