The bad news: If they get it.

The bad news: If they get it, the condition tends to in white women in white women. The amount of urine they lose during each episode of incontinence is greater, reported with half the black incontinent women urine urine, markedly to the point of wetting their underwear or a pad, compared to a third of the white women.

The meaning: The study confirms some common beliefs, and refutes others. Long been long been the belief that black women do not experience a type of urinary incontinence as ‘stress incontinence ‘, lost in the urine during activities such as exercise, coughing and laughing is known, in fact, the study found black women experience stress incontinence. The study is published in the current issue of of the the Journal of Urology. In addition ‘This is a population which failed possibly because it was so long that black women do not stress incontinence believed,’says lead author Dee E.Ranous D. Fonderal Y, Zuber M. Corresponding of magnitude from Botox and Dysport: a double blind, randomized, randomized crossover study in cervical dystonia J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2002; 72:459-62.

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