The bills are AB 1117 and SB 917.

And they’ve performed it under the aegis of safeguarding pets. Many US states right now pushing laws to criminalize animal possession Such lunacy isn’t reserved to California, sadly, as much other U.S. States are pushing their personal laws that could essentially criminalize animal possession. As we reported back 2012, the state of Michigan passed a not-so-cleverly disguised Invasive Species Order that reclassified most rare-breed pig breeds as feral, and thus illegal.Smoking and drinking are highly linked for a bunch of factors including complementary pharmacologic effects, shared neuronal pathways, shared genetic associations, common environmental factors, and learned associations, added Christopher W. Kahler, professor and seat of the department of behavioral and sociable sciences at Brown College of Public Health. However, it is possible to intervene through behavioral remedies, pharmacotherapy, and policy to influence both behaviors in a positive way.

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