The cause of this difference between the sexes has puzzled researchers for years.

The cause of this difference between the sexes has puzzled researchers for years, says co-author Kim A. Clinical director of the UM CVC and the Hewlett Professor of Internal Medicine at the UM Medical School. Physician bias and lack of awareness have been leading suspects, but no one has examined differences in attitudes, he says. Although our study can not prove that women toughness to seek their passion and accept influences aggressive care for their heart problems, we hope, it calls for further study of this question. .

The study was supported by grants from Aventis, the Mardigian Hewlett Hewlett Fund for Cardiovascular Research in Women and the UM Health System. Reference: American Journal of Medicine, Volume 118, Issue 11, Pages 1181-1310 .Has completed a PhD from the University of Granada proved that a mental training attentiveness mindfulness – an emotional Even – regulation tool in its concentration on this, of which we are do, think or feel in every moment – helps against mental illnesses such as worry, depression, anxiety and complaints about health, frequently fighting with secondary teaching staff, and is very good for emotional regulation as well.

The work of Luis Carlos Delgado minister developed and supervised by Professor Jaime Vila Castellar, the Department of personality of, and Psychological Treatment , the effective workout mindfulness ability confirms application to two different groups with defined functions: a 20 – girls sample with high-level care and a group of 25 secondary education teacher.

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