The culprit appears to be a molecule called 27-hydroxycholesterol.

The researchers, on the basis of the studies with animals have determined that whenever estrogen levels dropped relative to the quantity of 27HC circulating in the bloodstream, 27HC reacted and bound to the estrogen receptors in the cardiovascular system and blocked their protecting function; this inhibited the creation of nitric oxide which encourages easy muscle relaxation in arteries, helps cell development and repair, and prevents thrombosis. Raised chlesterol and diabetes have previously been associated with reduced degrees of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and in pets fed a high-extra fat, high-cholesterol diet, both cholesterol and 27HC amounts had been elevated... Appeals court green lighting Hobby Lobby’s legal problem to contraceptive coverage rule A federal appeals court in Denver said Thursday that companies, whether they are for revenue or not, have religious rights and that the task brought by Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. And its sister company can move forward. The Associated Press: Court: Hobby Lobby Can Challenge HEALTHCARE Law An appeals court stated Thursday that Hobby Lobby and a sister firm that offers Christian books and supplies can fight the nation's new healthcare law on religious grounds, ruling the portion of the law that will require them to offer certain kinds of contraceptive to their employees is particularly onerous, and suggesting the companies shouldn't have to pay millions of dollars in fines while their claims are considered .

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