The effectiveness of different drug combinations may diminish over time.

The effectiveness of different drug combinations may diminish over time, and doctors often have to implement new treatment over the course of a person. – Previously, it was unclear which sequences of antiretroviral therapies offer the greatest benefit to patients previously untreated, Gregory K. Robbins, clinical researcher said at the Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School and lead author of a the papers.

Every year ca.000 new cases in the U.S. Alone and 226 000 new cases for European G5 diagnosed . The worldwide market for drugs in the treatment of prostate cancer was used for USD 5, Other indications009 .‘.. Said, adding Controlled Microbicide might infected infection comes in three to four years.

Prevention Programs ‘ Neglected ‘ Piot on Thursday said that HIV / AIDS prevention programs can be worldwide ‘neglected’and warned against resulting ‘explosive ‘of the new cases of HIV, VOA News reports. Although there ‘encouraging’that expenditure on preventing initiatives in developing countries has increased from $ 200 million to more than $ 6bn at the past eight years, which ‘huge challenge ‘is the preservation long-term funding commitments from donor countries, told Piot, to by VOA News.

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