The flu and other seasonal bugs in the fall and winter months.

Thus, the exacerbate asthma in children FluA highlight of the ragweed and mold spores that can the beginning of the autumn come worsen symptoms in children with allergic asthma. Thus, the flu and other seasonal bugs in the fall and winter months. Avoiding triggers is important to prevent asthma attacks, but so is the careful use of controller medications, say experts from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

– Use of daily controller medication is important for people with moderate to severe asthma to prevent asthma attacks. – If an asthma attack is underway, rescue medications, such as albuterol, are used to it does not stop even worse, but only those quick-relief medicines too often is not a good idea. – Excessive use of quick-relief medicines are dangerous because you are treating the symptoms and not prevent them, Butz says. In order to prevent asthma attacks, children need control medications that treat the underlying inflammation of the airways that causes an asthma attack. .Obama also suggested the Federation rises the authority undue health, to New York Times reports block the Obama’s proposal would a seven-member rates boarding. Known as the Healthcare Insurance Rate Authority. Consists of consumer, industrial and medicine representatives , and health economic experts The Board of Management would be Beam rules on whether proposed increases is appropriate and reasonable HHS government regulatory agencies state regulators annually annually increasing and was raise interest rates contest.

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