The heat leads to stimulate the cell.

Process developed the UB team nanoparticles includes heating in a cell membrane by making them of a high-frequency magnetic field, the heat leads to stimulate the cell. Whole body We have a tool to heat nanoparticles and then measure their temperature develops, says Pralle, noting that not much is known about heat conduction in tissue at the nanometer scale. Is important because is important because we only heat the cell membrane permits We did not the cell killing, he said. While the membrane outside the cell heats up, there is no temperature change in the cell. .

The work could also be applied to develop new therapies for some neurological disorders resulting from lack neuro – stimulation. By developing a method that will use us to magnetic fields to cells in vitro and in vivo to stimulate, this research will help us unravel the signaling networks that control animal behavior, says Arnd Pralle, Assistant Professor of physics in the UB College of Arts and Sciences and senior / corresponding author on the paper. The UB researchers demonstrated that their method could open calcium ion channels, activate neurons in cell culture and even manipulate the movements the tiny nematode, elegans.See all Priority Health Medicare Advantage plans offer: – Medicare Part D prescription medicine used coverage with no deductible – for low out time – of-pocket costs – provisions – Worldwide emergency and emergency medical care cover – premises Michigan service.

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