The influx is straining an currently burdened health-care system.

Yet these patients often must change doctors at the same time when they, too, are least apt to be protected by health insurance, in part because of the higher prices of underemployment and unemployment. Until recently, doctors may have handled a couple of such individuals a complete year, and it had been possible to function around the system, Reiss stated. To understand how patients transfer to adult health care, UF experts conducted 34 focus groupings, involving 143 patients, health and families providers, to gather information regarding participants’ encounters with health-care transitions. Research participants also answered queries about which elements made transitions effective or unsuccessful.Zeta-Jones decided to check in to the facility ‘after coping with the stress of the past year,’ her representative stated in a statement reported by People. The rep might have been referring to the stage 4 malignancy diagnosis Zeta-Jones’ spouse, actor Michael Douglas, got last year. Bipolar II disorder is normally a kind of bipolar disorder marked by discomfort and a mildly elevated disposition – a state referred to as hypomania. It’s generally less debilitating than bipolar I, a condition marked by feeling swings and a serious mood elevation known as mania, based on the Mayo Clinic website. Bipolar I could cause severe impairment – and may lead to suicide. People with bipolar II can generally continue to function, Dr. Thomas Wise, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School, told CBS News.

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