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ROX-888 has been tested in four controlled efficacy studies and met the primary endpoint in both studies addition ROX – good safety profile and good safety profile and demonstrated would as expected with short-term use of an NSAID was temporary nasal irritation, the most common side effect tabletter blå . ROX – 888 use. -er NSAIDs, ROX-888 should with renal insufficiency with renal insufficiency, active stomach ulcers, or a history of GI bleeding.

‘This is the first time that we have the ability to make a patient’s T-cells permanently resistant to infection by CCR5 – specific strains of HIV and we are very pleased to begin a clinical trial of this novel ZFN-based therapy, ‘said June, June, Director of Translational Research at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. ‘ability 1-2 to protect against infection with HIV and the development of the CCR5 – modified T-cells has the potential to achieve long-term control of provide both the virus itself and eventually the opportunistic infections characteristic of AIDS. ‘CCR5 co – receptor that HIV makes give and infect cells of the immune system is about ten years ago, it was observed that individuals that a natural mutation of their CCR5 gene, CCR5 – delta32 were highly resistant to infection by HIV. These individuals are immunologically ‘normal.’A variety of small molecule and antibody antagonists of CCR5 binding were tested and developed as a potential therapeutic agent for treating HIV infection. Additionally there is a recent report of a patient of both HIV infection and had leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant from a donor carrying the CCR5 mutation. After successful bone marrow transplant HIV treatment discontinued and the virus in the circulating blood in the circulating blood several months after surgery. Small the ZFNs are designed to alter the DNA sequence of the CCR5. This change can be directly in T-cells. With only a short exposure to the ZFNs Once modification of the T cell CCR5 gene is permanently faulty. ‘Our ZFN approach validates well by naturally occurring mutations in man and the most recent bone marrow transplant report,’commented Dale Ando, MD, Sangamo vice president of therapeutic development and chief medical officer ‘However, allogeneic bone marrow transplantation transferred to another person is not universally applicable as a therapeutic approach for HIV as it risky operation risky procedure irradiation and ablation of the immune system and matched donors who also with the CCR5 delta32 mutation, probably rare. Small molecule antagonists or antibodies require the constant presence of a high concentration of the drug in therapeutically relevant to block numbers of the CCR5 protein.

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The findings were published on and the July 2009 edition of the Journal of Molecular Therapy. The cover of the journal has a microscopic image cells from the UCSF study.

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