The National Cancer Institute funded a portion of this work.

The National Cancer Institute funded a portion of this work.Wild blueberries may help protect arteriesContact: Dorothy Klimis – Zacas 207-581-3124 University of MaineOrono, Maine – A University of Maine nutritionist evidence has been found that eating that consumption of wild blueberries help arteries and reduce risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

In the second round of experiments the researchers wanted to to find out the artery. Artery are affected by blueberries. They focused on the inner surface of the artery, a layer of cells , known as. Relaxation relaxation help and thus prevent elevation of blood pressure, the damaged contributes contributes to cardiovascular disease, ‘says Klimis – Zacas.The study at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Sustainable hospital the program performed and headed by Anila Montebello. For more team members have Margaret Quinn and Don Milton, also from University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Melissa Perry, of the Harvard School of Public Health. They investigated the purification techniques and materials applied of six Bay hospital. Portobello said: ‘cleaners may effect employee and possibly patients healthcare through the air and the skin exhibitions Since the seriousness of the cleaning commitment of both product formulating and cleaning technique is concerned. Benzyl alcohol from product evaluation and workplace exposure data needed to develop strategies to to protect humans from cleaning risks. ‘.

New neurons exceeding six months in to mature in adult monkeys and the time is likely even later in humans, according to the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the University of Illinois and Pennsylvania State University. Reports their findings this week in the online version of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, demand the idea that. The time to relevant to the neurogenesis to the reason fully effective if fully effective if three to five weeks beginning after treatment.

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