The NPFLEX-LA combines the intrinsic great things about Brukers gage-capable.

Smith, Vice President and General Supervisor of Bruker’s Stylus & Optical Metrology Business. ‘The NPFLEX-LA provides the transportation and related sectors with a accuracy metrology alternative that will assist meet international environmental regulations and emissions specifications by confirming that manufacturing processes produce sealing surface parts to needed tolerances.’.. The NPFLEX-LA combines the intrinsic great things about Bruker’s gage-capable, interferometry-based 3D optical profiling technology with new patent-pending metrology capabilities to quantifiably measure both shaft lead angle and surface consistency of sealing areas in a single, integrated solution.Shocking new research reveals that a specific kind of lung cancers which many smokers develop comes from tiny tears in their lung tissue caused by microscopic glass fibers, also called glass wool, within many conventional cigarette filter systems. These rips in the epithelial tissue fuel the advancement of tumors and cancerous cells due to the constant overload of toxins, namely pesticides, nicotine and ammonia, within commercial cigarette smoke. A physician’s associate at a high-performing medical hospital in Virginia reviewed the damaged lung cells of many cigarette smokers and explained the X-rays as searching identical to those of individuals who suffer from repeat contact with asbestos.

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